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Quality Fly S.A. – ATP Integrated Excellence

Quality Fly S.A. in Madrid, Spain is a leading flight school in Europe. Their courses are primarily designed for people wanting to become a commercial airline pilot. They are best known for their Airline Transport Pilot License Integrated (ATP or ATPL) course of study. This is a curriculum designed to take a student who has … Continue reading Quality Fly S.A. – ATP Integrated Excellence

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Quality Fly Testimonial and Review – Ryan Stock Who Received His ATPL in Only 12 months!

Here we have posted an interview with Ryan Stock, a recent student of Quality Fly aviation academy.

One of the wonderful things about Ryan’s experience is that he was able to achieve his ATPL EASA license in only 12 months, from July 2018 to July 2019. Prior to entering Quality Fly, Ryan had absolutely ZERO experience in aviation. He was starting completely fresh. To our knowledge this is the first time anyone has ever achieved an EASA commercial license from ground zero in terms of experience in 12 months. Normally the training is 16-24 months at other schools, with a few aviation schools such as Quality Fly facilitate students completing the journey in as little as 14 months. Ryan, however, did it in only 12 months!

Quality Fly, an innovator in aviation training, revamped its training to allow students to achieve milestones such as this. One of the things that Ryan mentions in this interview is that Quality Fly allowed him to progress at his own pace as he was highly motivated to achieve his pilot’s license as soon as possible. When he proved that he was able to move to the next step in training, he was allowed to and not held back by arbitrary standards of how fast an individual should progress. Quality Fly understands that each individual is different and any training program must be tailored appropriately. Some people simply can absorb the material and training faster than others, and these students are not held back.

At the same time, as also mentioned in the video, Quality Fly is strict on its exam criteria and will not advance students if they are not ready. It is important for the safety of the student and any passengers they might be flying with that they are truly ready when it is time to take the cockpit. As a result, Quality Fly has the highest exam pass rate at Cuatro Vientos airport and perhaps all of Spain as Ryan mentions in the video. He also mentions that at the time of his graduation all of Quality Fly’s past students had job offers as they were well prepared for the workplace. Airlines appreciate the training that Quality Fly has produced. All 8 of the student’s in Ryan’s classes had interviews with Volotea Airlines, who Quality Fly has a partnership with.

Why Ryan Chose Quality Fly

One of the big draws for Ryan was being able to fly in Madrid, Spain. The weather is great in the area with close to 300 sunny days per year, allowing one to get more hours of flight in within a shorter period of time. This is one of the other factors that allows someone to complete an accelerated ATPL program at Quality Fly. Ryan also mentioned that the lifestyle was good and that the flight school prices were good as well (with Quality Fly being the lowest priced complete ATPL program in all of Europe to our knowledge).

Ryan also found it appealing that Quality Fly allowed him to progress at his own speed, and obviously, he took advantage of that fact by achieving his ATPL license in only 12 months.
Hard Work Pays Off

He did put in a lot of work to get there though. He spent 10-12 hours a day studying 7 days a week. That was in addition to the time he spent in the air completing his required flying hours.

Ryan said that he found studying with fellow students in common areas helped him in his progress. Students in such an environment get to aid each other, and as he mentions, teaching is often one of the most effective ways of learning.
Recommendations for Future Aviation Students

Ryan said the most important thing is to do your homework. Visit the school. Go to the Open Days and get to know the instructors and the management team. Speak with current students check the graduation rate, as well as the percentage of people able to find jobs after training. Ryan said he would be willing to speak to any students who wanted to ask him questions about Quality Fly in particular.


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Monday, October 7, 2019

Quality Fly Announces Exciting Open Day for Prospective Student-Pilots

Quality Fly has announced a highly anticipated Open Day event for prospective students. The upcoming event will provide a platform whereby prospective students for its ATP-Integrated program can learn more about the school before deciding to join. The date has been set for October 6th at Quality Fly in Madrid, Spain.

“Our Open Day is your best opportunity to experience Quality Fly first-hand. The event is aimed at providing information and insight to all aspiring pilots who want to fulfill their dreams and make flying a profession. During the forum, we will book prospective pilots into meetings and interviews with airline captains and instructors. Our team will give you a tour of the airport we operate from and show you our facilities. You’ll also get a chance to climb into our fleet and our Third Generation Elite Simulator!” says Juan Cervero, the spokesperson for the institution.

Quality Fly is a Madrid-based aviation institute that offers international aviation training to students from over 30 countries in a commercial European flight school. Its vision is to absorb prospective pilots into an integrated program for transport pilots on commercial aircraft. The institution works with students immediately after flight school recruitment through the final stages of training, while helping them kick-start their careers in aviation.

The Open Day will allow prospective students to learn from top airline captains who will tackle the future market outlook for airline pilots and the importance of multi-crew-cooperation training. Afterward, the students will be given a tour of the training facility for a firsthand experience of what they can expect after joining Quality Fly’s ATP Integrated training.

“Excellent Flight School! I am currently a student at Quality Fly, and I really enjoy attending the school. The school has a happy atmosphere. The curriculum is delivered by experienced instructors who are always happy to help students if they need it. I have made many friends in the school and feel that I have made a wise choice choosing Quality Fly,” comments Jonathan Lawson, an ATPL student at Quality Fly.

Anyone interested in attending the Quality Fly’s Open Day for prospective students can reserve a spot on its website or call/WhatsApp the institution for more details.


Jamie Ordovas
Quality Fly
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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Quality Fly News Update – October 2019

I am pleased to write to you, with a new communication which I hope you will find of interest.

First, this week we had an EASA Standards Compliance Audit conducted by the Spanish AESA Agency, whose job is to ensure that at regulatory level we remain compliant, and that we adhere to the highest standards in terms of safety, flight and ground operations. I am proud to announce that the result has been successful, with many observations around the multiple advances and improvements we have made in digitalization, safety and our internal processes.

No doubt there remain a number of opportunities for further improvement, and these have been identified, and we will be focusing our efforts in these areas over the coming months.

Secondly, another piece of important news is the very positive result of the Volotea Airlines assessment and recruitment day that was held at Quality Fly on Friday 23rd September, and where three firm offers of employment were made to our graduates, with several other candidates on stand-by with the possibility still to be called. The feedback from Volotea’s Head of Training was very positive on the overall standard demonstrated by the candidates. Volotea will continue to assess and recruit through Quality Fly in the future, thus strengthening our partnership.

Thirdly, a fleet update. The beautiful Tecnam P2006 that you may have seen parked in the airport will be ready to fly very soon. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Finally, time to focus on the main objective of this communication, and that is to announce some organizational changes within the school, a few nominations and one farewell.

I’ll start with the farewell. Ignacio García Pablos, our Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (CTKI) is stepping down from his position to pursue new challenges in his professional career. I want to share our appreciation for Nacho’s hard work and dedication. Nacho started at the school some time ago, at a time when for example no one came to our ground sessions in uniform, and he leaves behind him a legacy, and an impressive 90% first time ATPL pass rate, and what is even more important, is the really amazing team of ground instructors he has built. Please join me in wishing Nacho the best success in his new endeavours and challenges. All the best, Nacho.


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Monday, September 30, 2019

Quality Fly Open Day To Take Place October 6th in Madrid Spain

Quality Fly, an aviation academy located in Madrid Spain, will be hosting an Open Day on October 6th, 2019 at its headquarters at Cuatro Vientos Airport.

The Open Day is an opportunity for students to learn more about our flight school. They can tour the facility, interact with teachers and management, and get a better understanding of why students enjoy studying at Quality Fly.

The Open Day program begins at 9:45 AM on October 6th and should run through 2:30 PM. You can contact Quality Fly at +34 665-38-6173 if you are at all interested in attending the event.

To learn more about the event click here.


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Friday, September 27, 2019

Quality Fly Releases New Video Review and Testimonial

At Quality Fly we are dedicated to ensuring that our students have the best experience possible.  We just interviewed a recent graduate and wanted to share his experiences with you.

Ryan Stock is from Manchester England and he recently completed our Integrated ATP training.  For more information on that training visit   He went from being a new student to completing the full program qualifying him to become a commercial airline pilot in only 12 months!

In this video he describes the program and describes his experience at Quality Fly.

Are you a Quality Fly student who would like to share your experiences as well.  If so, we invite you to leave your most honest feedback at our new review portal

And, if you would like to see more reviews like this, check out Quality Fly Reviews which will be updated with more feedback from our students.


Monday, September 23, 2019

Quality Fly Flight School to Host Volotea in Recruitment Event

MADRID, ESPAñA, September 13, 2019 / -- Flight school Quality Fly is pleased to announce that a team of recruiters from Volotea Airlines will visit its commercial pilot training facility and ATPL integrated training program, located at Aeropuerto de Madrid Cuatro Vientos, on September 13. Volotea will run admission interviews and simulator assessments during this visit. Twelve cadets from Quality Fly have been shortlisted to participate in this assessment process.

Volotea Airlines is one of the fastest-growing airlines in Europe, having carried more than 22 million passengers to date. This year, the airline is opening 41 new routes, adding to a lineup of over 300. The additional routes will increase the airline’s flight operations to more than 80 mid-and-small-sized European cities in 13 countries. As of now, the company employs over 1,200 people, and over 200 new positions are waiting to be filled.

The recruitment process will include two personality tests, one technical test, one simulator test, and two rounds of interviews with the Human Resource and Technical departments. The recruitment team to visit Quality Fly will comprise of several eminent officials from Volotea, including:

Lazaro Ros, Founder and Board Member
Sergio Acin, Head of Training & Recruitment
Jocelin Blanco, Pilot Recruitment Administrator
Cinthia Figeroa, Pilot Recruitment

With students from over 30 countries, Madrid based Quality Fly is an international school offering airline-focused training to prepare its students for today’s competitive airline industry. The company’s EASA-approved integrated ATPL training program instructs pilots with no or little flying experience to operate as an airline transport pilot on commercial aircraft. The school works closely with each student, starting from the first day of classes to the final preparations for securing employment.

“Due to Volotea’s demanding admission process and the high level of knowledge required, Quality Fly has recommended candidates from our integrated ATPL course,” said Juan Cervero, Managing Director Quality Fly. “Nonetheless, applications are also open to our modular MCC and ME-IR students. Several other candidates have also applied to the company, and they will be assessed in additional session on Volotea premises. Nationalities of the applicants include Spain, Italy, UK, Denmark and France.”

Those interested in learning more about Quality Fly and its state-of-the-art commercial pilot training programs should visit the company’s official website.

For More Information:

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